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11-Oct-2017 06:57

3: You MUST sign up as an OC using the template at the bottom!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hopefully our mysterious Brony didn't get too much of a hiding for the mistake.

I decided to make this community cause I've seen a LOT of people say theyre sad cause theyre single =( So here you can meet new ponies and date =) So this community is for anypony whos single and wants to date =) you just have to like my little pony to join =DRules:1: You MUST like My Little Pony to join!!!!!!!!!!!!

4: NO forcing love and please be kind to everypony here!!!!!!!!!!!! Signup Template : Name: Age: Gender: Race: (example: earth pony)Sexuality: (example: straight)Cutie Mark (optional): Likes: Dislikes: Bio (optional): Type of pony I like: Names: King Black Heart and Hellfire Sexuality: Straight Age:20/Personality: Black Heart- Kind, Honorable, and respectful.

Hellfire- Dangerous, somewhat kind, and slightly devilish but can be very loving.

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Likes: Black Heart- Helps anyone who is need of desperate help and likes to go out on moonlit walks and also likes to spend time with others.In the face of anon-a-miss, Sunsets runs away to Equestria to get a break and finds a welcome relief in her old life as a pony.