Dallas cowboys cheerleaders dating rules

31-Dec-2017 03:37

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Cheerleaders are featured prominently in NFL advertising and game-day television coverage, especially leading in and out of every commercial break.

However, NFL teams across the country routinely underpay cheerleaders, despite seemingly recognizing their valuable contribution to the NFL’s entertainment product and fan relationships.

told the Associated Press, "and if that was something that she saw, you were getting benched."These policies aren't isolated cases.

A Raiderette guidebook that was released to the Los Angeles Times listed demands like: “There’s not a female alive (or male either) who doesn’t like attention.

And in this case, I imagine what the heart really wants is an American Express Black Card.

But who am I to judge the life choices of someone else?

As TIME reported in February, cheerleaders for the Cincinnati Bengals and Oakland Raiders have filed similar suits for poor pay and demeaning treatment.

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Many NFL teams pay the members of their cheerleading squads poorly, while requiring incredible time commitments, and subjecting them to restrictive rules and regulations.

Unlike NFL players, NFL cheerleaders do not have a collective bargaining unit to negotiate their compensation and working conditions as a unified group.

With 32 total NFL teams, 26 have cheerleading squads.

Cheerleaders entertain fans, motivate NFL players, support charitable causes, and add glitz and glamour to a sport that is otherwise known for its ruthless and brutish nature.

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