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1Dermot Mulroney checks his watch as he tells Debra Messing she's beautiful. ) and bachelor parties (low key, good scotch, normal aggression).

1Debra Messing telling Dermot Mulroney his fake-boyfriend backstory: "You're a therapist and you're crazy about me." 2Sassy British chain-smoking friend who pulls Debra away from her ex-boyfriend: "I'm saving you from yourself." 1Dermot Mulroney's a*s. 1Hideous matching bachelorette costumes and the consumption of flaming Sambuca shots, which is a big thing in the UK. 2Amy Adams' line: "You're my half-sister, but I whole love you." 3Debra Messing changing her mind and actually wanting to pay extra to have sex with Dermot Mulroney and running around drunk to a bunch of British ATMs to get enough money to do so. -1Debra Messing's aqua skirt-suit matches her aqua luggage.

What was it like being reunited with Roberts after 16 years?

PHOTOS: Julia Roberts' best movie roles "It was wonderful.

We genuinely have remained friends," Mulroney, 49, told Us Weekly at the Screen Actors Guild Foundation 4th Annual Los Angeles Golf Classic in Burbank, Calif., on Monday, June 10. To be cast again was a thrill." PHOTOS: Costar couples Mulroney is married to Tharita Catulle and is father to three children, son Clyde, and daughters Mabel and Sally.

"I'm pleased to say that it's so many peoples' favorite movie or among their favorites. Roberts is also mom to three kids -- twins Hazel and Finn, 8, and Henry, almost 6 -- with husband Daniel Moder, Mulroney told Us they have set up play dates for their children in the past.

Then cut back to Dermot and he is holding it by his side again.

During the "shower scene" when Dermot comes out naked and Debra looks away with her hand on her mouth, her hands keeps changing places.

On the plane, he tells her "You can't be sure about anything." Considering she is flying a prostitute across the Atlantic, I think she's pretty sure. Not very original.__ -1__Every British person in this movie says "crikey--" and, I suspect, far too often. -3The repeated line (always said by men) "Women always have the love life they want." -3. Although large sums of money are bandied about, nobody seems to have a checkbook in this movie?

In this oft-forgotten gem, Debra Messing plays a career woman with no man in her life but* three *different kinds of highlights in her hair (2005!

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