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Our event will feature fair trade and sustainable designers and shops carefully curated to tempt the tastes of all.

The collaborative event, co-sponsored by Eco Salon takes place on September 8th, from 6-10 p.m.

As a Holy Day the original Festival would have included a formal church service followed by abundant feasting, dancing and games play.

The street has created a lot of buzz around its cute little shops, boutiques and restaurants.

After six weeks, an email arrived to invite him to his first interview. Waites was hopeful, especially after the employer sent him an assignment so that he could prove he had the right stuff for the job. Waites was eager to hear either way, so he sent the hiring manager another email–after nearly four weeks had gone by.“Just checking in on what the results on this test run were.

Once he completed and submitted it, the hiring manager responded within the hour, saying they would look at it over the weekend. Even if it’s negative, just would like an update,” he wrote.

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Casabella shipped us a whole new broom--that works perfectly--free of charge.

If you fancy windsurfing or sailing, these are popular sports at Whitstable beach, with the Whitstable Yacht Club located at the northern end.

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Because the backdated options’ strike price is lower than the market price on the actual grant date, the recipient has received something of greater monetary value (even if the options have not yet vested) than a correctly dated at-the-money option.[4] Companies could reward executives with cash compensation or additional properly dated and priced incentive awards, including options, rather than engage in dubious backdating practices.[5] It is clear that there must be reasons other than greed that have led so many to backdate executive options.[6] Academics, regulators, and practitioners alike have tried to gain a better understanding of these incentives and the roles they have played in the backdating scandal; however, there is as of yet no consensus regarding the causes of backdating.[7] This is problematic because policy, legislative, or regulatory changes are unlikely to be effective if the root causes are unknown. In 2008, the long-term capital gain rate for individuals in the lowest two tax brackets (currently 5% and 15%) was further reduced to zero. … continue reading »

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