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If this property is set, and if schema validation is requested, then validation will fail unless the outermost element of the document has the required name.

This option requires the schema-aware version of the Saxon product (Saxon-SA).

The Tree Model implementation to be used for the constructed document. The main reason for using the Linked Tree alternative is if updating is required (the Tiny Tree is not updateable). This is used for resolving any relative URIs appearing within the document, for example in references to DTDs and external entities.

This information is required when the document is loaded from a source that does not provide an intrinsic URI, notably when loading from a Stream or a Text Reader.

It is possible to extend the power of XSLT using Java Script embedded into the XSL file.

Therefore any web application that allows the user to upload their own XSL file will be vulnerable to Cross Site Scripting attacks. NET (since 2.0) don't allow script extensions and document() function in XSLT by default. So the truth is s bit different: any web application that allows the user to upload their own XSL file and explicitly allows executing embedded scripts will be vulnerable to Cross Site Scripting attacks.

Well, that's not exactly true, at least on Microsoft platform. While we at this, here is some refresher for this important to know topic: MSXML 6.0 XS: T Security: Untrusted style sheets are those that come from an untrustworthy domain.

xmlvalidatingreader is obsolete use xmlreader-80

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